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Ballet practice improves flexibility and muscle strength and tone; it has the advantage of working the entire body. In particular, it strengthens abdominal and and improves posture.

It can also be an outlet, helping to relieve stress and anxiety. In addition to sweating out toxins, there is a decreased risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease and bone loss.

A study from the UK compared dancers from the Royal Ballet with top British swimmers, including Olympians. They found the ballet dancers scored higher than the swimmers in seven out of 10 areas of overall fitness

RAD stands for the Royal Academy of Dancing, and as its name suggests, this syllabus comes directly from the Royal Ballet in London.

Once run by the famous Dame Margot Fonteyn, your child will be exposed to work choreographed and set by some of the world’s top ballet dancers & performers.

This syllabus is designed to promote your child’s sense of freedom & acknowledges that not all children are capable of extraordinary talent and provides confidence through fair and understanding examinations.

Grades start at Pre-Primary for 4 year olds, and move up to the major grades. This work is suitable for adults and children alike, who have dreamt of becoming a ballerina…

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